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XACT ELECTROLYTES - Sport Hydration Tabs

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Tube of 10 effervescent tabs

XACT ELCTROLYTE tabs for optimal hydration. 3 dialled down, easy to drink all day  flavors :

  • Lightly Lemon -  caffeine free - but all the electrolytes (480 mg sodium) 
  • Citrus Bang flavor - electrolytes as above + 50 mg of natural caffeine (guarana). 
  • Cherry Berry - caffeine free - but all the electrolytes (480 mg sodium) 

Consuming eXACTly the right quantities of sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamin C, ensures optimal hydration by maximizing water absorption, as well as replenishing electrolytes lost during effort. Our XACT ELECTROLYTES tabs are mild in taste, not fizzy, with a water-like mouth-feel.


  • Simple dosage  - you get XACTly the right amount in your bottle or hydration vest  - 1 tab / 17 oz water bottle (500 ml)
  • No scoop means no waste or mess
  • Highly portable.
  • Customisable - adjust electrolyte concentration to suit your fluid intake needs 


Download our NUTRITION SHEET for more details